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Control, Convenience & Security For Any Environment™

Malibu West® was designed to use a thorough risk based analysis of your needs and priorities to simplify a safe environment without any feeling of restriction, confinement or prying scrutiny and make it available to you anywhere and anytime.

Service Rationale
  • Provide simple locking solutions for your security, safety and convenience
  • Security designed to adapt to changing situations and needs
  • Professional system planning & design, efficient, reliable and affordable
  • Products & support that you need to protect your home, office, your family and possessions
Whether you want protection for "Where You Live" or "Where You Work", knowing that your home or facility is protected if your are on site or away from your loved ones and staff, enhances the feeling of comfort and security for you as well as them.

Affordable intruder and fire alarms, integrated with your locking design is available locally with round the clock monitoring, and armed response that guarantees regular patrols to enhance effectiveness and response time.

Our security and locking designs include "Knox Box" and other options allowing immediate access to law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel in an emergency. Intruder detection is not the only good reason to have an alarm / response system.